AIP Foundation serves vulnerable communities


Despite the pandemic still affecting communities worldwide, AIP Foundation has been able to beat the odds and continue to serve communities remotely. In the Philippines, parents, teachers, and students received life-saving helmet measuring training online, as part of the Safety Delivered Program.

The online training event, hosted by AIP Foundation, saw 190 students, parents, and teachers at two new project schools, Dona Basilisa Yangco Elementary School and Filemon P. Javier Elementary School, from Mandaluyong City, enthusiastically working together to learn how to be safer on roads. 

Ms. Nikki Ambion was present at the online training, marking the fundamental engagement of UPS in the Philippines in delivering safety to the children of Mandaluyong city. 

In addition, AIP Foundation was thrilled to welcome the special participation of Ms. Jenina Borrega Dublin, representing the Department of Education of Mandaluyong City. 

All participants gained awareness of the importance of correct helmet use. 

However, a helmet itself is not sufficient to provide full protection. It is of paramount importance that the helmet also fits the wearer perfectly. As the students are too young to measure their own heads, parents become a critical part of the training. 

As the highlight of this online training, parents and teachers were trained on how to measure their children’s heads to ensure that the helmet will fit properly. 

For this, parents and their children had to work together and, and on more than one occasion this led to much laughter as they learned to be safe together. By ensuring that the helmets fit properly, the protection of each child will be maximised. 

Supported by UPS and the UPS Foundation, Safety Delivered is a program by the AIP Foundation that works with young, inexperienced motorcycle riders in Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, the Philippines and India, to educate and eliminate distracted riding behavior, as well as increase helmet use among children.