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ACG drives Guatemala’s motor sport forward


Despite the many challenges of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Automóvil Club de Guatemala (ACG) has made great progress in 2020. Their 2020 Motor Sports Development plan was developed with two principal objectives in mind – to continue the development of a karting championship and to promote driver training at the grassroots level.  

For the Karting championship, the aims were to provide engines, coaching and on-track support for competitors in the National Championship events, aiming to have at least 40 karts on track by the end of the year, with 50+ drivers, junior, master and senior, coming together.

On the grassroots side, events were organised in karting and in autos, in partnership with local racing schools. In addition, the ACG aimed to include these grassroots categories among National Championship events and use the grassroots system to nurture drivers and to feed them into higher-level motor sport categories. The goal in 2020 was to train at least 200 new drivers.

COVID-19 has of course presented a new set of challenges but the ACG has adapted well and introduced a number of new protocols to ensure that expert and grassroots categories of National Championship events for cars and karting were run safely and in accordance with Government regulations, to ensure a safe environment for drivers, volunteers and staff. The huge effort and hard work carried out by the Club in collaboration with local motor sport operators and promoters has paid off, with ACG being able to resume motor sport at a 100% level by the end of July as soon as their lockdown was over, a fantastic achievement.

The Club has continued to provide training via their own Race School of World Formula Karts and Autos, further enhancing participation and encouraging and developing future talents.

2020 and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have emphasised the popularity of digital motor sport and have led to the creation of the new Digital Motor Sports Commission in ACG in order to start the formal promotion of Virtual Racing Events.

For 2021, the Automóvil Club de Guatemala plans to build upon newly gained experience from a challenging 2020. They will promote 12 Digital Racing events during the year, with at least 160-200 participants per event and will aim to provide the necessary motivation to bring virtual drivers to the race track through organized events. In addition, the Club will continue to promote its homologatedkarting category in the country, with the final goal of organising a Regional event in May 2021. Finally, the ACG will help support their grassroots drivers to participate in national championship events.

Reflecting back on a demanding but ultimately rewarding 2020, ACG President Pedro Cofiño Ortega said: “In challenging times the keys for success are to think outside the box, ensure flawless execution and create leadership teams that share the same passion for motor sport."