2023 UAOA workshops equip young stars in fight against online abuse


2023 saw the President’s United Against Online Abuse campaign gain significant momentum. As part of our commitment as a knowledge-led federation, the UAOA team launched a series of workshops dedicated to educating our young athletes on how to define online abuse, protect themselves on platforms and manage changing environments as up-and-coming competitors. 

Recognising the pivotal role of young athletes in online abuse discussions, these sessions are integral to the development of young audiences, particularly as several studies demonstrate they may lack sufficient digital literacy training. 

In 2023, the team trialled these sessions at the Eurasia Young Driver Academy in Kazakhstan and the Girls on Track events in Italy. The concluding workshop will be hosted in Qatar at the MENA Karting Cup.  

In 2024, these workshops will be expand. 

To find out how to be part of the movement, FIA Member Clubs can join the online Abuse session at the Baku GA on the 7th of December at 18:30 local time.