2014 selection of FIA Road Safety Grant Programme grantees

The 2014 FIA Road Safety Grant Programme grantees have been announced. Under the FIA Road Safety Grant Programme, the call for the newly established ‘M-Track’ (medium sized) projects has been running from 1 June to 31 August 2013, with applications open to both sport and mobility clubs.

The call received a lot of interest from FIA Clubs worldwide, with 65 sports and mobility clubs entering with one or more application and 21 projects awarded funding.

The Grant Programme has awarded to date €1 545 853  in support of the Road Safety Projects of the FIA Member Clubs all over the world. So far, in total, the FIA Road Safety Grant Programme has received a total of 210 applications from 99 clubs sent from 80 different countries across all four FIA Regions. 72 innovative road safety initiatives have been started in 51 countries: awareness campaigns, educational programs and trainings, vulnerable road users' protection, conferences, events and workshops, road infrastructure safety information and vehicle inspection programs. The full list of the 2014 awardees for ‘M-Track’ projects can be found here: http://www.roadsafety.fia-grants.com/images/RSGP-Awarded-Projects.pdf.

In 2011, Michelin and the FIA signed a partnership agreement which fostered the international Golden Rules campaign as part of the FIA Action for Road Safety. This campaign illustrates the special relationship between driver and vehicle: a combination of pleasure and responsible behavior. It outlines the key safety rules that everyone should be aware of.

In the framework of the FIA Road Safety Grant Programme, the partnership between Michelin and the FIA has enabled the allocation of further funding in 2013 for three of the projects which have a focus on the promotion of the international Golden Rules for safer driving as part of the FIA Action for Road Safety campaign. The FIA-Michelin projects list can be found here: http://www.roadsafety.fia-grants.com/images/FIA-Michelin-AfRS-Awards.pdf .

In March 2013 the FIA had the opportunity to test the virtues of ‘S-Track’ (small sized) projects for UN Global Road Safety Week. This global initiative ran from 6–12 May 2013 and was dedicated to pedestrian safety. The FIA gave Clubs the chance to tap into special funding allocated for this event - up to €110 000 was made available, with a maximum of €5 000  per Club.

The list of activities carried out as part of the UN Global Road Safety Week can be found here: http://www.roadsafety.fia-grants.com/images/UN-Global-RS-Week-Awarded.pdf