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FIA University

The FIA University is an initiative aimed at helping FIA's Mobility Clubs develop to their full potential.


The FIA recognises the essential role of training as a key factor in achieving strategic goals and has created the FIA University to help its Members achieve their full potential. FIA University aims to strengthen Member Organisations on a national, regional and global level and means to share and create new knowledge and leadership. Its programmes have attracted participants from over 60 countries representing all four FIA Regions.

From 2023, the FIA University will expand and alongside offering excellent opportunities for members to enrol on programmes offered at both Colombia University and Esade, it will begin to offer on-line programmes for members to enhance their knowledge and competency in a range of sport and mobility disciplines. These programmes will be advertised to members well in advance of their commencement date and full details will be provided at the new dedicated FIA University website, which can be accessed here –


FIA University develops global programmes of broad interest within the Federation as well as tailor-made programmes. Programme content is organised around three main pillars:

  • Strategy and Leadership
  • Public Policy and Advocacy
  • Functional Expertise

 The FIA University programme portfolio includes the following:

  • Senior Executive Programme
  • Emerging Leaders Programme
  • Latin American Leaders Programme for Region IV
  • Region II Club Development Programme
  • eLearning with Coursera
  • Experience-Sharing Working Groups

Since the creation of the FIA University, other programmes have also taken place such as the Strategic Lobbying Programme and the Region I ACTAC Leading with Impact Workshop.


The FIA University was presented for the first time in December 2011. The project grew in 2012 based on the expectations and demands of our Member Organisations. 2013 saw the delivery of two Emerging Leaders Programmes in Barcelona and the Strategic Lobbying Programme in The Hague. Since 2014 new global and regional programmes have been developed in Latin America, Asia and Australia. The creation of an FIA University Board was approved by the World Council for Automobile Mobility and Tourism (WCAMT) in May 2017.