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FIA Services

Meeting the needs of clubs everywhere.

In our first term we have taken many steps towards improving the delivery of services to clubs. In order to further strengthen these reforms we will establish a Club and ASN Liaison Office within the FIA.

This new office, which will have strong links with both the Mobility and Sport pillars, will represent a ‘one-stop shop’ for members seeking advice about FIA services and access to them. It will be on hand to ensure that any questions from a club receive a quick and appropriate response.

In order to provide the best possible environment for club growth, we will launch a major new Global Training Initiative for clubs and ASNs.

This will offer the courses and training available from the FIA University and the FIA Institute in one place, again creating a one-stop shop for all Mobility clubs and ASNs.

Common courses dealing with areas such as marketing, management, media and communication will be offered, as well as agenda-specific courses for sport and mobility clubs.  In this manner we will strengthen the bond between members and the FIA.

New FIA corporate partner programmes will be developed that clubs and ASNs can access if they wish, notably in the context of social responsibility campaigns.  These programs will offer opportunities for members to participate on a national or regional basis, and benefit from the marketing strength of existing and future FIA partners.

We will also support the development of partnership programmes between clubs and with the FIA. These programmes will involve the creation of shared advertising and promotional material and, if appropriate, corporate partners.

These priorities represent the global service improvements we plan to offer to all FIA members in our second term. Specific programmes to address the particular needs of Mobility clubs and ASNs will also be developed.