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New logo for Formula 3 and Formula 4

The pyramid that leads to F1 is evolving with the arrival of F4 on the motor racing landscape. To ensure coherence, visibility and modernity new logos for Formula 3 and Formula 4 are being introduced.

By relaunching the FIA Formula 3 European Championship in 2013, the FIA placed this championship back at the very core of driver training. FIA Formula 3 European Championship is the leading junior category in international single-seater racing. Events together with leading international race series allow the talents of Formula 3 to present themselves at a high level. With the launch of Formula 4 in 2014 in Italy, the first country to inaugurate this formula, it is a cost controlled branch of the sport positioned between karts and Formula 3, which is on offer to the stars of tomorrow.

In order to clearly display the coherence between these two formulas the Formula 3 and Formula 4 logos have been rethought. They are modern, readable and clearly identifiable. They will convey the brand image of these series and will be adapted in each zone’s championship.

The FIA European Formula 3 Championship is the first to benefit from this new image. Present on all the communications tools, on official documents and on the cars, the new logo will enable this top-class championship to be clearly identified thanks to a modern design reinforcing the impact of Formula 3. The new logo also coincides with the introduction of new technical regulations and the arrival of new engines, which places the FIA Formula 3 European Championship in a new cycle by positioning it on a long-term basis at the core of the pyramid that leads to Formula 1.