My ultimate rally, by Petter Solberg

The FIA WRC features some of the best events on the planet. In a new series, we have been asking some of the sport's leading runners to pick out their five favourite stages to create their 'ultimate' rally.


Ouninpohja, Neste Oil Rally Finland: “This is where I have the world record and it is without doubt the best stage in the whole of the WRC. It is probably the fastest on Rally Finland and just the most amazing stage, and if I had to pick one that I could to do over and over again then this is it. It is definitely difficult but the feeling you have when you reach the end of it is nothing that compares to anything else.”

Col de Turini (Moulinet-La Bollene Vesubie), Rallye Monte-Carlo: “We have a record from that rally and it is a fantastic stage. It has a bit of everything, fantastic scenery, twisty sections, and it is very fast too. I love it and could almost do that every day of my life because I enjoy it so much.”

Vargasen, Rally Sweden (pictured): “This is the stage that features the famous Colin’s Crest jump. The atmosphere through the whole of that stage is unbelievable and it’s always a nice way to remember Colin McRae who was one of the world’s best rally drivers.”

Whaanga Coast, Brother Rally New Zealand: “There has to be a stage in New Zealand in my ultimate rally somewhere. The camber on the roads over there is like nothing else on the championship and the help make the stages very, very enjoyable to drive. I can’t explain it but the feeling is incredible.”

El Condor, Philips Rally Argentina: “It is a very good driver’s stage. The scenery is spectacular, it almost feels as if you are on top of the world and it is very twisty too.”