F3 - Richard Verschoor: “We are going to Macau to defend our title”


2023 FIA Formula 3 World Cup

Richard Verschoor could become one of only five drivers to win the Macau Grand Prix’s Formula 3 epic two times when he lines up for the FIA Formula 3 World Cup next week (November 16-19).

The Dutchman, 22, has joined Trident Motorsport to bid for consecutive victories in F3’s end-of-season street race following his triumph in 2019, when the FIA Formula 3 World Cup last took place. This is what he’s had to say ahead of the 70th Macau Grand Prix weekend.

As the most recent FIA Formula 3 World Cup winner, what level of expectation is on you?
“First of all, it’s super-nice to go back. I remember going there for the first time in 2019 and the feeling I got was just incredible, it was something I’d never experienced before. That was just after FP1, even before I won the race. It was something I wanted to go back to, to get that feeling again. Of course, now I won the race there are some expectations but not really from my side. You never know what will happen in Macau and you always start from zero. But we are going there to defend the title.”

The Macau Guia Circuit has a hugely demanding reputation. How difficult is it to master?
“It is difficult and also with the medium-compound Pirelli tyres we are going to get I expect there will be some degradation and that doesn’t make it easy as well. And, of course, there is one session that’s super-important and that’s Q2. You can have a super-good Q1 but in the end you need to perform in Q2 and anything can go wrong quite easily. It’s about pushing the limit but not 110 per cent.”

Since winning in Macau in 2019 you’ve achieved success in FIA Formula 2. Does that mean there’s more or less pressure on you to perform?
“I want to try and win and I have a good team behind me that’s also pushing me to get that win and there are people expecting me to win it again.”

To what extent is switching back to FIA Formula 3 from FIA Formula 2 a concern?
“I didn’t do any testing so that’s going to be interesting, and I didn’t drive for two months so it’s not the easiest way to go back to Macau. But you are always building up in Macau, starting six or seven seconds off the pace [before improving]. It’s not like Barcelona where you go out on the first lap and know all the limits. If you out-brake yourself, you go straight but in Macau it’s not like that. It’s never going to be easy but I’m excited for the challenge.”

You were a Macau rookie when you won in 2019. What advice would you have for the many rookies taking part in this year’s FIA Formula 3 World Cup?
“Well, I still need to win it myself so I cannot give too much away to the rookies! But the main thing, and also why I was quick in 2019, is because I enjoyed it so much. So don’t put too much pressure on yourself, work together with your team and do the best you can.”