ETRC: what's new in 2024


The 2024 Goodyear FIA European Truck Racing Championship season kicks off at Italy’s Misano circuit this weekend. This season brings several changes, including a revamped qualifying format, the introduction of two official FIA title categories, new tyres and updates to technical regulations

An exciting new qualifying format is set to debut in the upcoming season. The single qualifying session followed by the Super Pole for Races 1 and 3 will be replaced by a dynamic three-stage qualifying format, designed to progressively narrow down the field and showcase the talents of the top contenders.

Here's how it works:

Q1 (15 minutes) determines grid positions 13-end: The first session will be open to all trucks, allowing every driver the opportunity to set their fastest time on the track. With 15 minutes on the clock, competitors will need to push themselves and their machines to the limit to secure a spot in the next round.

Q2 (10 minutes) determines grid positions 7-12: Building on the momentum of Q1, the second session will see the fastest 12 competitors from Q1 advance to battle it out. With only 10 minutes on the clock, the intensity will be high as drivers fight for the chance to lead the pack in the upcoming race.

Q3 (5 minutes) determines grid positions 1-6: The final showdown will feature the top 6 competitors from Q2 in a nail-biting five-minute shootout. With time running out, every second counts as drivers make their final bid for the prized pole position.

As before, the grid positions for Races 2 and 4 will be determined by the results of Races 1 and 3, with the top 8 drivers starting in reverse order.

In a move aimed at enhancing competition and providing greater recognition for drivers, the Goodyear FIA ETRC will now feature two distinct categories: TITAN and CHROME.

Both TITAN and CHROME drivers will continue to race together, and each category will have its own winner in every race. Drivers will compete within their respective categories throughout the season, with each category being awarded an official FIA title at the end of the season for the highest-scoring driver.

This change represents a departure from the previous format, which featured an overall category and one official FIA title, as well as a Promoter's Cup class category that did not carry an official FIA title. With the introduction of the TITAN and CHROME categories, all drivers will now have the opportunity to battle for official FIA recognition, adding a new level of distinction to the championship.

One of the key updates in the 2024 technical regulations is the limitation of the caster angle for the front axle to 30 degrees. This update comes as a result of extensive collaboration between ETRA, the FIA and teams, who recognised the need for standardised parameters to address issues related to steering mechanics and mechanical part damage.

“Previously, the caster angle for the front axle was not specifically regulated, leading to a wide range of setups adopted by teams in pursuit of performance gains,” said Frans Steilberg, Technical Delegate of the FIA. “These setups, while aimed at performance improvement, often led to issues such as broken springs and increased stress on the front tyres.“

The decision to implement a maximum caster angle was made after a thorough evaluation by the FIA technical working group with input from the teams. By introducing this regulation, the championship aims to optimise truck performance while ensuring the longevity of critical components.

Following an extensive period of testing, Goodyear introduces new Truck Racing Tyres. The new tyre compound has been developed to deliver more grip, especially in wet conditions, thereby elevating the safety standards in truck racing. The new tyres also offer increased durability, supporting sustainability efforts by reducing the number of tyres used throughout the season.

13 drivers subscribed for this year’s seven-event, 28-race season. Leading the charge is a five-time champion and driving force in the championship's recent history, Norbert Kiss. In his #1 Révész Racing MAN he has been a benchmark of excellence, securing consecutive titles and setting the standard for his competitors. Kiss, who dominated the last three seasons, is out to defend his crown and add a sixth title to his glittering record.

Six-time title winner Jochen Hahn, is determined to reclaim the championship crown. His Iveco has shown promising form during pre-season testing, setting the stage for an epic battle with his rival Kiss.

Eager to improve on his third-place finish from the previous season will be German racer, Sascha Lenz, who will be looking to take the battle to Kiss and Hahn.