Dablander wins home race | Federation Internationale de l'Automobile

Dablander wins home race

A delighted Mario Dablander took victory on his home track when he won the second of today’s pair of ETCC races

The podium was once again an all-SEAT affair, but this time all of the top five positions were occupied by Single-Make Trophy León Supercópa cars; Anton Ladygin finishing second with Aurélien Comte third. The first of the Super 2000 competitors was Mat’o Homola, whose BMW was again the best non-SEAT by finishing in sixth place, while Kevin Krammes took his sixth straight victory of the season in Super 1600.

This time there were no repeats of the dramas that made Race 1 so thrilling. Both Petr Fulín’s BMW and the SMT SEAT of Andreas Pfister were too badly damaged to start Race 2, while the race was declared wet well before the cars headed for the grid. One casualty of the race itself was Jordi Oriola – the SMT leader before coming to Salzburg – who limped back to the pits after crashing on the first lap, while both Ulrike Krafft and Wolfgang Treml parked up on the circuit and so failed to finish. Tyre choice was an issue for some, although Gilles Bruckner proved that it was possible to drive with the slick tyres in the rain. On the other hand Andrina Guger admitted that her decision to opt for mix of slicks and wet tyres didn’t pay off.

Key moments
Prior to start – Hertner, Homola and Matějovský under investigation for failing to observe the Parc Fermé regulations
Lap 1 – Nagy first to T1. Contact between several cars at T1. Skuz, Ficza and Maleev into the gravel. Oriola off into the barriers at T5 but continued. Dablander passed Nagy for the lead. Safety car deployed.
Lap 3 – Safety car withdrawn. Hertner came into the pits.
Lap 4 – Karamyshev and Rikli passed Biter for 8th and 9th respectively. Krafft passed Bruckner for 13th.
Lap 6 – Krafft stopped after T3.
Lap 7 – There was contact between Homola and Matějovský. Ladygin moved up past both 3rd. Comte passed Matějovský for 5th. Treml stopped at T10.
Lap 8 – Karamyshev passed Matějovský for 6th.
Lap 9 – Ladygin passed Nagy for 2nd. Comte and Karamyshev passed Homola for 4th and 5th respectively. Hamilton was now 9th and Krammes now 10th
Lap 10 – Matějovský spun into barriers after T13 and stopped on grid. Safety car deployed. Biter went through the gravel at T13.
Lap 13 – Safety car withdrawn.
Lap 14 – Comte passed Nagy for 3rd. Hertner passed Krammes for 10th