China Rally Longyou 2013

The drivers and manufacturers championships to be decided in Quzhou City on November 1st to 3rd 2013 !

Longyou, is one of the counties of Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province, and is an important traffic centre connecting adjacent areas. It is about 400 km from Longyou to Shanghai, the largest city of China, 200 km from Longyou to Hangzhou, the capital city of Zhejiang Province, and about 300 km from Longyou to Ningbo, which has the 15th largest container harbour in the world.

It is 2235 years since the foundation of Longyou County. There are cultural relics at municipal, provincial or national level throughout the region.   The Longyou Folk Center in Jiming Hill which showcases ancient buildings of the Ming and Qing Dynasty; other notable tourists sites are the Great Bamboo Sea of West Zhejiang;  the ancient Zhaoqing Temple of the Tang Dynasty, and the relatively recently discovered Longyou Grottoes – a series of man made caves. 

As they were in previous years, the shakedown stage and SS1 are all held at the Shiyuan Motorsports Complex.   The special stages on Leg 1(b), and Leg 2 run through bamboo forests. 

After Rally Hokkaido there are still championships to be decided at China Rally Longyou. Both the APRC drivers and manufacturers championships will be decided here. Mathematically only 2 drivers can win the championship, MRF Skoda’s Gaurav GILL and Cusco Racing’s Michael YOUNG (Toyota). Current 2nd placed Sanjay TAKLE has not nominated China Rally for his APRC championship so he can not score any further APRC points. In the manufacturers Skoda has a 13.5 point advantage over Subaru with a maximum of 39 points available at the event. For  the Team Trophy Award, Cusco Racing have a 3.5 point advantage over MRF Skoda.