Building Synergies: 2023 FIA American Congress successfully concludes in Antigua Guatemala

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Day 1 – Reviewing Progress 

On Tuesday 1 August, at the Hotel Casa Santo Domingo of Antigua Guatemala, to open the 2023 FIA American Congress hosted by the Automóvil Club Guatemala FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem was joined by Mayor of Antigua Guatemala Victor Hugo del Pozo who graciously named him a distinguished guest of Antigua Guatemala.

During the Opening Session, Vice President for Sport – South America Fabiana Ecclestone, Vice President for Sport – North America Daniel Coen, FIA Region III President Frank Fotia and FIA Region IV President Ricardo Morales Rubio talked about Road Safety, Sustainability, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, and Capacity Building.

An update on the advancements of the Manifesto’s goals including increasing regional empowerment and doubling motor sport participation as well as an overview of the new trends in mobility were then on the agenda with FIA Deputy President for Sport Robert Reid, FIA Deputy President for Automobile Mobility and Tourism Tim Shearman and FIA Senate President Carmelo Sanz de Barros taking the floor at the Congress.

Day 1 also focused on road safety partnerships in the Americas and on how to increase brand reach through communications, and featured a networking session with FIA Secretaries General Jacob Bangsgaard and Valerio Iachizzi and the first FIA Regions III and IV Club Correspondent meeting.

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Day 2 – Fostering Growth and Development

The Sport programme of Day 2 of the Congress looked at the development potential offered by the Esports dynamic scene in the Americas and how Sport Clubs’ empowerment can increase participation, performance and positive impact.

As developing grassroots motor sport and attracting young talent are essential for the FIA to reach its goal to double motor sport participation, FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem met with young karting drivers who competed in the Campeonato Centroamericano de Kartismo ASNs Series 2023 organised by the Automóvil Club de Costa Rica, the Automóvil Club Guatemala and the Association of Karting Racers of Costa Rica to discuss their shared passion for motor sport.

In the Mobility programme, business development and innovation in mobility services were important focuses with a dedicated session aiming to promote the sharing of best practice and experience among FIA Members.

Improving road safety, a key mission for FIA Members in the Americas, has also been high on the agenda at the Congress with Delegates hearing about best practice, actions of the FIA Foundation, opportunities for new partnerships and the FIA Road Safety Index during two dedicated sessions on Day 1 and Day 2.

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Day 3 – Asserting Commitment 

Day 3 of the Congress explored ways to integrate Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) across mobility and motor sport services with Delegates learning about several successful initiatives led by FIA Members in Canada, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Paraguay and that are effectively advancing EDI in the Americas.

FIA American Members are also committed to building a more sustainable future for motor sport and mobility. At the Congress, they heard about the sugarcane industry success story and how it can contribute to tackling climate change by generating clean energy. The dedicated session was also the occasion for Members from the Americas to share their experience and highlight their commitment to sustainability. 

Another highlight of Day 3 was the first José Abed Award that was given to the Confederação Brasileira de Automobilismo by FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem and Jorge Abed in recognition of the Club’s outstanding work in favour of motor sport growth and development.

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