2014 Calendar of the European Autocross Championship

The programme of the 2014 European Championship will be very similar to 2013.

Never change a winning formula”: an old adage perfectly applicable to the FIA European Championship for Autocross Drivers. With the notable exception of the German event at Seelow, which had to be interrupted because of the appalling weather, the 2013 season was a resounding success. The statistics speak for themselves: in comparison with 2012, the average participation per event rose from 85 to 93 competitors, and 8 of the 9 events boasted more drivers than in the previous season. Each of the four categories enjoyed an increase in its participation rate, the largest rise being recorded in the flagship SuperBuggies division.

During its first meeting in Dubrovnik, the FIA World Motor Sport Council formally approved the calendar of the 2014 European Championship. The countries and circuits hosting the events will be the same as in 2013.

The calendar is as follows:

17-18.05.2014    Seelow (DEU)

24-25.05.2014    Musa (LVA)

28-29.06.2014    Oberlautsitz-Matschenberg (DEU)

05-06.07.2014    Nova Paka (CZE)

19-20.07.2014    St Georges de Montaigu (FRA)

16-17.08.2014    Prerov (CZE)

23-24.08.2014    Nyirad (HUN)

13-14.09.2014    St Igny de Vers (FRA)

20-21.09.2014    Maggiora (ITA)