The Women In Motorsport Commission has more than 70 national representatives in the world appointed by their National Sporting Authorities.

Their mission is to help implementing the WIMC initiatives in their respective countries in order to create a motorsport culture that facilitates and values the full participation of women in all aspects of motorsport.

The Commission encourages all Sport Clubs to get in touch and nominate their Women In Motorsport National Representative.



In October 2016, the FIA Women In Motorsport Commission organised a Seminar in Lisbon, inviting all national representatives in order to highlight the successes of the work undertaken and discuss how to make a difference at a regional level in global motor sport.

Following the Seminar, the FIA has drawn together the huge amount of material generated during the two days of discussions into a comprehensive booklet and a video summarising the event.

Lisbon Seminar Booklet   Seminar video



As a result of the Seminar, the FIA Women In Motorsport Commission has prioritised its own 8 recommendations in a “Chart of the Future” from 2016 to 2020.

A toolkit has been prepared for all National Sporting Authorities, describing useful tools and case studies in order to support them implementing the eight recommendations by 2020.


8 Recommendations Toolkit