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Our Partners

Our Partners

FIA Smart Cities extends a special thank you to all our partners who underwrite this event. 
Their important financial support allows us to maintain our commitment to excellence.

ABB is partnering with FIA Smart Cities to accelerate and contribute to the dialogue on this critical global topic.  As a global leader in e-mobility  solutions for cars, railways and buses, ABB is poised to share its expertise to address the concerns of transport congestion, pollution, aging infrastructure and growing energy consumption. 

ABB is a leader in developing and deploying energy-efficient products and systems that are transforming global transportation in sustainable ways.  ABB will share its wealth of digitalization and industrial experience to identify innovative technology and encourage FIA Smart Cities stakeholders to work collaboratively towards a sustainable future.

FIA and Michelin have understood the importance of the challenges that Smart Cities are facing in terms of sustainable Mobility. 

They decided to join their forces to develop a shared vision of the possible and innovative mobility solutions which could be implemented in Smart  Cities in the future

Julius Baer is the founding global partner of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship since the first race in Beijing 2014. Becoming also a founding partner of the FIA Smart Cities initiative was just a logical step to enable us to contribute to the discussion of the future of mobility.

Our Next Generation investment philosophy revolves around an exploration of the global megatrends set to affect our lives in years to come and it seeks out sustainable growth opportunities based on those megatrends, one of which is definitely energy transition and its interlinked topic mobility.

Across the globe, cities have become the crucibles of our deepest transformations - economic, social and societal. We have become aware of the need to think and to behave in new, different ways. But what drives us collectively ? It is, beyond doubt, an acute awareness of our responsibility towards the future and the confidence that we can make it brighter, all together.

That’s the goal of our partnership with the FIA because we are both convinced  that the future of cities, that is to say the future of the greatest number of people, lies in our capacity to imagine better solutions — better because they involve all of us and because they will cater to the common good.