They said, they said

Quotes from the fastest drivers after today’s qualifying session at Moscow Raceway.

Yvan Muller – pole position

“When I saw the first drops of rain on my windscreen I realized that the first lap was the only chance to set a proper time. We all pushed, but it was tricky in these conditions, because if you do a little mistake you would lose a lot of positions. You are tempted to push, but at the same time you must be cautious to avoid mistakes. When we arrived to turn 9 there was a lot of water. Lap times were very close, BMW and SEAT cars are very competitive here. I’m happy we have the rolling start for Race 1, otherwise it would be tough to keep Tom (Coronel) behind.”

Tom Coronel – 2nd

“Of course we are a little bit disappointed not to be on pole. However, second is a good result and promising for tomorrow. Especially if it’s dry, because we know that our car is very consistent. I don’t want the rain for tomorrow, that’s for sure. The fact that the rain limited our Q2 to one lap only, spoiled my chances to be on pole. I had set a very fast lap in Q1, so I was confident for Q2, but when I saw it started raining I was upset, because I was one of the last in the queue when we left the pits. I was pushing hard and then Bennani made a mistake in the last corner, he even touched me on the straight. And that was it…”

Rob Huff – 3rd

“I am very happy with third place. The car is going very well this weekend. Every session we have been in the top five, the balance was really good. But this is a very difficult circuit. It’s very easy to push too hard. Which is why I was struggling in Q1. On my second run on new tyres I went off at turn 1, which spoiled my attempt. I knew I could allow me to a very good position in Q2 and was able to benefit from a good slipstream entering the last corner. I made a good lap. I will be hoping for the rain tomorrow.”

Michel Nykjær – 8th and 1st in Yokohama Trophy

“I was definitely expecting something better than eighth. Q2 was a bit of a disaster. Nash and Michelisz made mistakes and rejoined like they were on the first lap of a race and I couldn’t pass them. I believe it was not a correct move from them as they spoiled my qualifying. I am not satisfied, because I have been faster the whole weekend. It won’t be easy to recover in the first race, hopefully I will have some chances in the second one.”