Safety Seminar for Hill-Climb

The FIA Hill-Climb Commission held a safety seminar after the Rechberg event in Austria.
Paul Gutjahr and David Grace - Hill-Climb Safety Seminar

The FIA Hill-Climb Commission chose to hold a seminar on safety following the second round of the FIA European Hill-Climb Championship. A wise choice, given that the “Rechbergrennen” is an event where spectator safety is managed to near perfection – and where, it must be said, some 20,000 spectators show exemplary discipline. 

Due to the specific nature of its courses”, explained Paul Gutjahr, President of the FIA Hill-Climb Commission, “Hill-Climb is intrinsically dangerous, as is rallying. Despite often having modest means, an increasing number of organisers are striving to make improvements, for example by installing double guardrail barriers along the course. The seminar focussed on the safety of the public and the marshals because, although drivers are aware of and accept the hazards they face, it is paramount that the public, who sometimes bring their families, do not put themselves at risk unnecessarily, and that they are correctly positioned and directed.”

Over forty delegates from ASNs and organisers’ representatives took part in this seminar, which was jointly led by Paul Gutjahr and David Grace, member of the Hill-Climb Commission and former hill-climb driver who won the British Championship five times. He described good practice in terms of safety, illustrated with video footage. As for Paul Gutjahr, he went over the “FIA Hill-Climb Safety Guidelines”, which were recently published by the FIA after having been validated successively by the Hill-Climb Commission, the FIA Safety Commission and finally the World Motor Sport Council. These recommendations are in fact based on those which have been used in rallying for several years, but have been specially adapted for hill-climb.

The seminar continued with targeted presentations prepared by representatives from the ASNs of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (how to draw up a safety plan, by Marc Joseph), Germany (safety of tracks and marshals, by Dirk Hagemeier) and Switzerland (spectator safety, by Joe Wyss).

To access the “FIA Hill-Climb Safety Guidelines”, click here.