Latest decisions of the World Council as regards Hill-Climb

At its meeting of 28 June 2013, the World Council took the following decisions as regards Hill-Climb.

As part of the strategy to develop the hill-climb discipline, a new FIA Hill-Climb Masters event has been ratified by the World Motor Sport Council. This annual one-off event, commencing in October 2014, is intended to close and celebrate the hill-climb season. The Masters event will be a high-profile tournament for the national and FIA hill-climb Champions, many of whom do not normally compete against each other. There will be a Nations Cup awarded, as well as medals for individual drivers.

At the request of the Hill-Climb Commission, Article 277 of Appendix J to the FIA International Sporting Code (“Free Formula Technical Regulations”) shall be amended in its next edition and shall indicate explicitly the equivalence formulas and coefficients to be applied in cases where the engines of the Group E cars are supercharged. The calculation of the cylinder capacity of the engines shall be in line with that specified in the current provisions of Article 251-2.3.1 of Appendix J. The equivalence coefficient to be applied to the supercharged engines shall be the one currently indicated in Article 252-3-1 and the equivalence formula for engines that are not reciprocating piston engines shall be the one currently applied in accordance with Articles 252-3.2 to 252-3.5.