Latest decisions as regards Historic Motorsport

At its meeting of 28 June 2013, at Goodwood (GBR), the World Council took the following decisions pertaining to the proposals submitted by the FIA Historic Motor Sport Commission.

The World Motor Sport Council accepted the submitted proposals to amend, with immediate effect, the sporting regulations of the FIA Masters Historic Formula One Championship and the FIA Masters Historic Sports Car Championship. For each of these championships, a list of standard penalties for a certain number of infringements of the regulations was drawn up and the procedure for applying time penalties (“drive through”, “stop & go” a penalty in the form of seconds to be added to the car’s racing time) were specified. The conditions in the parc fermé and the pit lane opening, in respect of the procedure for positioning the cars on the grid, were also clarified. To see the updated sporting regulations of the FIA Masters Historic Formula One Championship, click here. To see the amendments to the sporting regulations of the FIA Masters Historic Sports Car Championship, click here.

It has been decided to authorise the cylinder block produced by Skoda since 1983 with a capacity of 1300cc and crankshaft bearings with a diameter of 60 mm as a replacement for the original block for the Skoda 120 S (homologations 1636 and 1675) and the Skoda 130 RS (homologations 1668 and 1676).

Within the context of international series, it has been agreed, as from 2014, to allow drivers from the country in which the event takes place to take part with their national licence, insofar as that licence is of the highest grade provided for by the ASN concerned. This exception would not be valid for certain categories of vehicle (F1, Group C, CanAm, prototypes over 2 litres,…), for which an international licence would be required in all circumstances. These national licence-holders would not score points in the general classifications of the international series. This exceptional measure has been granted, in order to ensure that local drivers are not prevented from participating occasionally in international series events that visit their own countries.