Latest decisions concerning the FIA Hill Climb Masters

Validation of a series of amendments to the Sporting Regulations of the 2014 FIA Hill Climb Masters by the World Motor Sport Council.

During its meeting in Munich (DEU) on 26 June, the World Motor Sport Council approved a series of amendments to the Sporting Regulations of the FIA Hill Climb Masters proposed by the FIA Hill Climb Commission.

These amendments concern the parc fermé rules applicable during the Competition and the calculation method used to draw up the final classification of the Nations Cup of the Competition.

A provision specific to cars of non-FIA Groups of Category 3 was also added in order to enable certain cars to use a fuel (or an alternative energy) complying with their ASN’s national regulations. This additional provision will make it possible to come to terms with the vast technical diversity of the cars taking part in these national Hill Climb Championships and also to broaden the range of ASNs able to enter the Nations Cup.
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The first edition of the FIA Hill Climb Masters will take place on 11 and 12 October in Eschdorf, in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. As a reminder, this new Competition will bring together the best drivers of the discipline having excelled during the 2014 season, whether in the FIA European Hill Climb Championship, in the FIA International Hill Climb Cup or in their own national Championship. In addition to an individual classification, the Competition will also result in a Nations Cup.