“Karting Slalom”: demonstrating an opportunity

Yesterday afternoon, delegates were able to watch a practical demonstration of the “Karting Slalom” project, staged in the Sheraton Hotel complex, which is where the Congress itself took place.
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“Karting is the gateway to motor sport. It guarantees a supply of new champions for the future. It is the foundation upon which our pyramid is based, leading to the highest level of the sport” – so said FIA President Jean Todt, in his speech at the start of the XVIII Congress of Americas for Mobility and Sport, which ended today in Asuncion, Paraguay.

The project allows FIA National Sporting Authorities (ASNs) that successfully apply to participate and receive a free karting ‘toolbox’ comprising two complete karts ready for use, 200 plastic cones, a guide to setting up the Karting Slalom, and the safety and sporting rules. The concept of the slalom event is simple and easy to put into place, with a capacity for 200 participants per competition. The event requires only a small area of tarmac, such as a supermarket car park or a school.

Around a dozen or so ten year old children took part in the demonstration, giving Congress delegates a first hand look at how a karting event can be staged with limited resources. It makes it possible to attract very young kids and youngsters to the world of motor sport, something that can be difficult to achieve, especially in developing countries with no engrained tradition of motorsport. 

“I have very high hopes for this programme as it is a way of reaching a wider audience at a reduced cost. It can also be used both for sport and mobility because it is not only an initiation tool for motor sport, but also a way to raise young people’s awareness of road safety.”  - said Todt – “For these reasons, the FIA Sport Grant Programme will support the development of slalom karting.”

“There are some new ASNs and regions round the world where FIA needs to help directly to kick start grassroots arrive and drive motorsport. Everybody with talent should be given an opportunity to try our sport.” – added Graham Stoker, FIA Deputy President for Sport – “Karting Slalom can deliver this, and we are offering a toolkit with karts, cones, helmets and suits, and technical support either for free or at reduced price to our developing ASNs.”