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Homola strikes back

Mat’o Homola claimed a brilliant victory in the second race from Petr Fulín and Dušan Borković.


The young Slovak driver built his success in the first half of the race, when he was able to overtake a quintet of SEAT cars and put together a comfortable leading margin. The last lap saw Fulín putting in a desperate attempt to close the gap, but in the last lap he had to focus on defending his second place from Borković’s assault.
Mario Dablander, who had started from pole position on the top-eight reverse grid, converted this privilege to his second victory of the season, beating Nikolay Karamyshev and Andreas Pfister. Jordi Oriola, who was fighting for top positions in the early stages, retired because of a technical failure, while Mikhail Maleev stopped after hitting a pile of tyres in a chicane.
Once again the S1600 class provided full of drama. Kevin Krammes, undefeated so far, retired on the first lap with suspected engine problems. Same applied to Gilles Bruckner on the last lap, while he was leading. This handed victory to Ulrike Krafft, the first for a lady driver in the European Touring Car Cup.