Guided towards safety – FIA launches two user-friendly guides to helmet and protective clothing regulations


- Two new brochures published: FIA Standard Guidelines – Protective Clothing & FIA Standard Guidelines – Helmets

- Guidelines designed to present all relevant regulations in user-friendly format to promote familiarity and compliance

- Each guide features targeted sections for Scrutineers

- Complete set of Safety Equipment Guidelines in development

As part of its ongoing mission to promote safe motor sport worldwide, the FIA today announces the publication of two new sets of safety guidelines that bring together all regulations surrounding helmet and safety clothing into user-friendly, accessible documents designed to familiarise competitors and scrutineers with standards and to help them stay safe on track.
FIA Standard Guidelines – Protective Clothing, provides competitors with information on the importance of using the correct competition wear, tips on selecting the right products, explains how to correctly use homologated clothing – including race suits, balaclavas and undergarments – and offers advice on customisation, maintenance as well the correct fitment of accessories such as biometric devices and padding. The scrutineering section, meanwhile, gives officials an overview of pre-event control, including technical lists, the correct positioning of FIA labels, what they should feature and a handy checklist to ensure compliance.
The second booklet, FIA Standard Guidelines – Helmets follows a similar format, featuring references to all helmet regulations, showing the standards recognised by the FIA and offering advice on selecting the right products and warning competitors about some of the most common, and critical, mistakes made in modifying helmets. Once again, the scrutineers section presents pre-event control advice, with a visual guide to accepted standards.
Funded, by the FIA Foundation’s Motor Sport Safety Grant, the Protective Clothing and Helmets brochures are the first of a complete set of Safety Equipment Guidelines planned for release in the coming months. The FIA Safety Department is currently finalising further sets covering the regulations regarding the correct use of equipment such as seats, safety harnesses, racing nets, karting clothing, extinguishers, biometric devices, FHR devices and safety fuel tanks.
Welcoming the publication of the new guidelines, FIA Safety Director Nuno Costa said: “FIA safety regulations in relation to equipment are spread across several different sets of regulations, from FIA Standards and
FIA Homologation Regulations for Safety Equipment to the International Sporting and specific Technical and Sporting Regulations. Add in the fact that they are carefully written to avoid ‘grey areas’ and it means that there is no user-friendly manual to help competitors and scrutineers easily understand how they can comply. The two new sets of guidelines we are publishing today, and the sets to come in the future, do just that. Each one lets drivers know what they must have and how it should be used, or not used, while also providing scrutineers with a handy geode to what to look out for.
“A key aspect of these new sets of guidelines is that they are also ‘living documents’ and will be updated as new standards are implemented and as new regulations are written and applied. Safety in motor sport is all about every stakeholder having a clear understanding of what they need to do and these guidelines make that process simple and accessible for everyone.”

To view or download the latest versions of the FIA Standard Guidelines follow the links below:
FIA Standard Guidelines – Protective Clothing LINK
FIA Standard Guidelines – Helmets LINK