FIA President discusses road safety issues whilst visiting European mobility members

President Jean Todt met with several representatives from member clubs within the FIA’s Region I, during a brief European tour that incidentally took place ahead of the upcoming Mobility Conference in London from September 15th to the 18th. Thierry Willemarck, President of the Region, accompanied Jean Todt
JT Vienna Europe

In The Hague, Mr. Todt attended the ANWB’s Road Traffic Safety dinner, highlighting the global challenge of road safety. Road crashes still kill 1.3 million each year and injure a further 50 million. President Todt then emphasised the importance for proactive countries such as Holland to keep building towards safer roads. He was greeted there by Frits van Bruggen, newly elected President of the FIA largest’s Dutch club.


Jean Todt then went to Vienna, where he met Werner Kraus and his team at the ÖAMTC before opening the 30th Edition of the European Traffic Safety contest. Co-sponsored by the European Commission and FIA, this competition offers an opportunity for children aged 10-12 to showcase their knowledge of best practices on the road.


For the 2015 finale, 92 children participated in 23 different teams; Jean Todt acknowledged their effort and those of the organisers. “At the FIA, road safety is a primary concern and children are some of the most vulnerable road users of all. I am glad that FIA Region I carries out this annual event to equip children with the skills they need to be safe on the road.”