The “Performance Factor” is a method whereby easily measurable technical characteristics of cars are used to apply a “Pf” value, which is used to classify cars into different performance groups.

Phased implementation for Category 2 cars in 2024

Following the World Council meeting (19 October), the Technical Regulations, Article 258-2 of Appendix J, dedicated to prototype cars, single-seaters and two-seaters, and the implementation of the “Performance Factor” concept (the “Pf”) in Category 2 have been postponed to 2025 (instead of the original date of 2024).

This regulatory postponement – proposed by the FIA Hill Climb Commission – will have a number of impacts in 2024:

- Category 2 cars will take part in FIA hill climb races in a format similar to that in force in 2023 and the categorisation, split into two groups (CN/E2-SC and D/E2-SS), will remain unchanged.

- However, Pf simulations will be carried out throughout the season on cars taking part in official FIA European Hill Climb Championship competitions.

Category 2 competitors will be required to complete Pf technical sheets before each FIA Championship event. Virtual Pf classifications will be produced for information purposes. The Pf calculator for Category 2 cars will be available for free by the end of the year and during the 2024 season.

These simulations and the Pf process will be free of charge for Category 2 cars.

Their sole aim is to help drivers, organisers and ASNs understand how the Pf will be harmonised across all categories from 2025.

Category 1 cars and the Pf: payment process from 2024 onwards

Adopted in nearly 15 countries (either within the national championships or on a trial basis in hill climb but sometimes also in slalom), the Pf continues to be deployed. As announced in the latest FIA press release (28 February:, the issue of Pf-ID technical sheets for all Category 1 cars will be subject to a fee from the 2024 season onwards. The following arrangements were approved by the FIA Hill Climb Commission at its last meeting. The fees will have to be validated by the FIA in December.

This payment process will make it possible to continue development and support of the Performance Factor.

  • These Pf-ID technical sheets will be payable by credit card.
  • The “Public Mode” will continue to provide access to the Pf calculator free of charge.
  • The “Competitor Mode” will continue to allow individuals to create drafts free of charge.
  • Credit card payment will only be required when the Pf-ID technical sheet is issued (the very last step before obtaining the finalised technical sheets).

Anticipated costs:

  • A fee of €25 for the issuing of two Pf-ID technical sheets (which will enable individuals to produce a sheet and its variant).
  • An additional fee of €10 for each supplementary technical sheet throughout the season.

From 2025 onwards, at the very end of each season, ASNs that apply the Pf concept within their national championship will be given an allocation by the FIA calculated as a percentage of the total amount of technical sheets issued per country.

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