FIA High Performance Programme participants to steward World Championship events in 2024


One year into the FIA’s High Performance programme (HPP), most of the trainee stewards have been nominated to World Championship events.

HPP provides tailored training and mentorship for the sport’s best stewards and race directors. First introduced in 2023, the programme aims to improve the standard of sporting regulation and bolster diversity within the motor sport space. 

To achieve this, students are offered personalised mentorship, as well as more than 120 hours of hands-on training. 

This year, eight stewards participated in the programme, six of whom will Steward at various FIA World Championship events during the course of the season. These will range from Formula E, to WEC, WRC and  W2RC. Additionally the programme will also be represented in the Stewards room at Formula 2 and Formula 3 events.

The programme has also supported 15 race directors. They received mentorship and personal development support to help them improve their communication, approach and planning on race day. In 2024, they will receive even more tailored support and mentorship to support their international ambitions.

Natalie Corsmit (KNAF, Netherlands) has participated in the Stewards’ Programme in 2023. She said: “I am delighted to be a part of the first High Performance Programme cohort. Working alongside experienced professionals and mentors has given me confidence and helped me to better understand the role of the steward on the international stage. I’m proud to have set and achieved ambitious personal development goals – which have given me the skills I need to take on my upcoming Championship assignments.”

Natalie is one of nine women who have participated in the programme. The programme also includes individuals from 15 different countries.

FIA President, Mohammed Ben Sulayem, said: "As a knowledge-led federation, we know that high-quality training and mentorship is essential to ensure excellent practice. That is why I have formed the FIA University – which has supported over 250 students to study sports governance and leadership over the past year.  I am pleased to see the success of the first HPP class, and would like to congratulate students and mentors alike for the fantastic assignments given in the 2024 season.”

Tanya Kutsenko, the FIA’s EDI Advisor, said: “We are delighted to see the success of High Performance Programme participants across the motorsport ecosystem. Their continued achievements are testament to the strength of the programme and its mentors.”

This HPP cohort will complete the programme at the end of 2024.