FIA to establish major motor sport task force

Bringing the first FIA Sport Conference Week to a close, President Jean Todt reveals details of a new 10-year initiative to develop motor sport.

As the first FIA Sport Conference Week drew to a close, President Jean Todt used his closing address to announce the establishment of a new Motor Sport Development Task Force to be charged with defining the future of the sport over the next 10 years.

“The first major decision coming out of this inaugural FIA Sport Conference Week is to announce the establishment of a Motor Sport Development Task Force, which I think is absolutely needed,” he said. “We must have a more strategic and focused approach to developing grassroots motor sport.
“I thought long and hard as to who would be the best candidate to lead this new initiative and I think that person is Mohamed Ben Sulayem. I’m happy that he believes in this challenge and that he has accepted the role of taking charge of this Task Force.

This new group will work through the World Motor Sport Council and the initiative will involve all clubs and regions,” the President added. “It will develop a plan for the global development of motor sport from 2015 to 2025 and it will present its plans to the General Assembly in 2014. I would urge you therefore to please assist Mohamed and his team in every way you can.”

Commenting on the event itself, President Todt said: “It is a particular delight for me to make this closing speech after what has been an intense, very active week. I would like to thank all who have participated for making that happen.
“To have over 200 delegates and to have 70 countries represented is a great start. I hope this first event will become a tradition now, alongside Mobility Week. I also want to also thank our commercial partners for their involvement.”