FIA and IESF announce partnership in coalition against online abuse in sport


- FIA and IESF solidify their partnership at the World Esports Summit in Busan, South Korea.

- The federations outline their next steps under the third pillar of the campaign’s mission “Commitment to Action.”

The Fédération Internationale de L’Automobile (FIA) is proud to announce its latest partnership with the International Esports Federation (IESF) in the fight against online abuse in sport. The agreement ceremony occurred at the 8th World Esports Summit in Busan, Republic of Korea, between General Secretary Boban Totovski and UAOA Campaign Leader Erin Bourke on behalf of FIA President, Mohammed Ben Sulayem.

As the digital world becomes increasingly ubiquitous, the IESF are at the centre of this movement; uniting technology and competitive sports under one banner. Since its inception, the IESF has expanded to represent over 140 nations. It consistently promotes Esports as an actual sport beyond language, race, and cultural barriers, culminating in eight world Esports summits and several world championship events. 

The collaboration between the FIA and IESF signifies a commitment to fostering a safe and inclusive environment for all stakeholders engaged in competitive sports. By leveraging their collective expertise and resources, both federations have pledged to:

  • Support the development of scientific research and promote the organization of knowledge sharing. 
  • To establish effective frameworks in the response to online abuse including clear guidelines for stakeholders.
  • To develop and implement educational programs aimed at competitors, officials, entourages, and fans to raise awareness about online abuse and best practices.  

Mohammed Ben Sulayem, FIA President said: “We deeply appreciate the IESF's support as we advance our mission to drive out online abuse in sport. The IESF stands as a crucial partner, epitomizing connectivity and inclusivity through Esports and the digital realm. Together, through collaboration and commitment to action, we remain dedicated to paving the way for a safer, more respectful online environment for all."

Boban Totovski, IESF General Secretary said: “The process of building and developing the Esports ecosystem requires continual commitment and devoted Partners, and I’d like to use this opportunity to announce our new partnership with FIA, an organization sharing the same values as IESF, willing to participate and contribute to the long process of establishing a sustainable Esports platform.”

The IESF and FIA invite fellow federations and stakeholders passionate about preserving the integrity of the sporting ecosystem to join them in this coalition.
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About the FIA United Against Online Abuse campaign

The ‘United Against Online Abuse’ campaign (UAOA), pioneered by FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem, is a collective stance against the growing epidemic of online abuse and hate speech in sport. within the sporting ecosystem. The campaign is supported by the FIA Foundation. By uniting fellow Sports Federations, National Governments, Regulatory Institutions and Technological Platforms, the coalition aims to bring about regulatory and behavioural change. We are research-led in our approach, and we are committed to action for the protection of our competitors, officials, fans, volunteers, and entourages. To date, the UAOA coalition has welcomed endorsement from the Governments of France, Greece and Slovenia, alongside extensive discussions with the Governments of Belgium, Brazil, Malaysia, Spain, Mexico, Monaco, Singapore, China, Japan, Jamaica, and the UK. In academic, technological, and institutional relations, our lead research partner is Dublin City University, with ongoing discussions between UNESCO, the Council of Europe, Mozilla Firefox and TikTok. In sporting relations, FIM, the International Esports Federation, ASETEK Sim Sports and Peace and Sport Monaco have signed the campaign’s Charter. Whilst a further 17 federations, including FIFA, the IOC, the ITF, World Athletics, World Netball and World Squash are expected to be welcomed into the coalition in due course.