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EHRC - Introducing the 69th Rally Costa Brava


Round 9 of the 2021 FIA European Historic Rally Championship will be held in Spain with the 69th edition of the Rally Costa Brava being the host event (19-20 November).  

Organised by RallyClassics, the Rally Costa Brava will be based in the city of Girona, with the Hotel Gran Ultonia as the administrative base.  The rally competitors must complete a total of 716 km, of which nearly 175 km will be on thirteen special stages. 



The ceremonial start will take place at Parking Rotonda Pont de Pedret in Girona on Thursday 18 November from 19h00.

Leg 1 will consist of six special stages, with SS 1 (Els Angels 1) starting at 09h20 on Friday.  This will be followed by SS2 (Santa Pellaia 1) at 10h00 and SS3 (La Ganga 1), with the three stages being repeated in the afternoon.  Leg 1 will conclude at 18h50.

Leg 2 will feature seven special stages, with SS7 (Osor 1) starting at 09h00 on Saturday 20 November. This will be followed by SS8 (Collsaplana 1) and SS9 (Cladells 1) before the regroup at 11h05.

SS10 will take place at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya at 13h05, followed by a repeat of the three earlier stages to conclude the rally at 18h30.

The podium ceremony will take place at Parking Rotonda Pont de Pedret in Girona from 09h00 on Sunday 21 November

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Number of special stages13
Number of legs2
Total distance of the course including the special stages716.619 km
Total distance of the special stages174.715 km
Total distance of special stages Leg 169.564 km
Total distance of special stages Leg 2107.137 km
Interval between cars1 minute



Hotel Gran Ultonia. 

Address: Gran Via de Jaume I, 22B (17001 GIRONA)

Tel: +34 972 20 38 50 

GPS coordinates: 41°59.117’ N - 2°49.276’ E



Location: Parking Rotonda Pont de Pedret (Girona)

GPS coordinates: 41°59.380’ N 2°49.326’ E



Location: C/ Pla de la Seva (Fornells de la Selva)

GPS coordinates: 41°56.570’ N - 2°48.005’ E



Location: Parking Rotonda Pont de Pedret (Girona)

GPS coordinates: 41°59.380’ N 2°49.326’ E



A total of 41 cars are entered for the 69th Rally Costa Brava, with 15 EHRC eligible cars among them.

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One of the most interesting in Catalonia, the historic city of Girona invites visitors to trace its more than 2000 years of history through two fortified enclosures, the Força Vella and the Medieval Quarter. 

The Força Vella dates back to the Roman foundation while the medieval extension of the city walls was carried out during the 14th and 15th centuries. The city's artistic heritage has been preserved in the numerous monuments that have survived until today. 

The highlights of Girona are rounded off by the impressive old Jewish Quarter or Call, with its beautiful streets and porticoed squares, and by the exuberant baroque spaces and Noucentisme-style buildings by architect Rafael Masó.

If some of the sites appear to be familiar to you, they probably are because they were used as many of the locations in critically acclaimed TV series ‘Game of Thrones’. 

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CLICK HERE to watch the introduction video for the 69th Rally Costa Brava and all of the FIA EHRC videos from the previous events on the FIA YouTube Channel