CIK-FIA agrees to defer Brazil’s hosting of the FIA Karting World Championship from 2020 to 2021


A new European venue will be selected for 2020, while Birigui will be back on the calendar next year.

In light of global health concerns regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus), the organiser of this year’s FIA Karting World Championship – OK and Junior, scheduled to take place in Brazil on 29 October-1 November, has made a proposal to the CIK-FIA to host the event at the Birigui circuit in São Paulo in 2021. This is in the best interests of the teams and drivers, many of whom are based in Europe.

The CIK-FIA is fully appreciative of the circumstances giving rise to this request, and the consideration shown to the competitors. It is embarking on discussions with an alternative venue in Europe to host the 2020 edition, with the intention of working with the Brazilian organiser to see Birigui back on the calendar in 2021.

CIK-FIA President Felipe Massa commented: “We were all looking forward to the FIA Karting World Championship being held in Brazil this year but these difficult circumstances mean it is necessary to postpone Birigui to next year. We must act in the best interests of the competitors and adapt accordingly. It is our absolute intention to bring it back to the calendar in 2021 and I for one cannot wait!”