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World Cup for Cross Country Rallies


World Cup for Cross Country Rallies

A Cross-Country Rally is a sporting event which the itinerary covers the territory of one or several countries. There are three types of Cross-Country event : Cross-Country Rally, Cross-Country Marathon Rally (Marathon) and Cross-Country Baja (Baja).

A Cross-Country Rally is an event with a total distance between 1200 and 3000km. The total distance for the selective sections must be at least 1200km. The event must tast no more than 8 days (including scrutineering and Super special stage).

Events are open to vehicles of a maximum gross weight of up to 3500kg for Groups T1, T2, and T3, and greater than 3500kg for Group T4, in due possession of a registration certificate. The vehicles shall be split up into the following categories:

  • Group T1 : Prototypes Cross-Country Vehicles

The organiser must provide for a two-wheel drive category within Group T1.

  • Group T2 : Series Production Cross-Country Vehicles

Vehicles homologated in the Cross-country Group.

  • Group T3 : Improved Cross-Country Vehicles - Lightweight.
  • Group T4 : Series Cross-Country Trucks (at teh organisers' discretion except for Bajas).

There are two cylinder classes: Class 1 for trucks fitted with an engine with a nominal cylinder capacity of 10 000 cm3.or over. Class 2 for trucks fitted with an engine with a nomial cylinder capacity of less than 10 000cm3.  There will be a separate classification for T4 trucks.

The FIA organises the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies which includes the following awards:

  • World Cups for Drivers, for Co-Drivers and for Teams.
  • FIA cups for T2 Drivers and for T2 Teams.
  • FIA cups for T4 Drivers and T4 Teams.