Entry Procedure


Entry Procedure

No registration with the FIA is required.
Competitors and Drivers register their entry directly with the Organiser on each of the FIA International Hill Climb Cup Competitions.

Applications to take part in the FIA Competition must be submitted to the Organiser by means of the entry form available from the Organiser or on the Organiser’s website.

Contact Details (Organisers)
Get contact details of the organisers (phone, email, website) – please CLICK HERE: 



Note - Specific procedure for Drivers and Competitors in Category 1
Before registering with the organiser of a Cup Competition, Competitors and Drivers (Category 1 cars only) must:

  • have registered the entered car on the Pf website (https://www.fiaperformancefactor.com);
  • have filled in the Pf Technical Sheet;
  • have obtained the two Pf and PF-ID identifiers associated with the entered car.

In 2023, the Pf-ID number is a 8-digit code starting with Y4.XXX.XXXX

Entry Closing Date
The entry closing date is the Wednesday (midnight, CET) of the week preceding each FIA Competition.

entry closing date          
Wyscig Prządki Krosno - Korczyna (POL)        
05-07/05       Wed 26.04 (24:00)        
Trento Bondone (ITA)
09-11/06Wed 31.05 (24:00)
GHD Gorjanci (SVN)
23-25/06Wed 14.06 (24:00)
Osnabrück (DEU)
04-06/08Wed 26.07 (24:00)