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European Truck Racing Championship


European Truck Racing Championship

The biggest, most imposing racing series in the world, the FIA European Truck Racing Championship is a truly unique motor sport spectacle. Founded in 1985, the current format has been in operation since 2006 thrilling fans across Europe with the world’s most advanced racing trucks.

There is nowhere like an ETRC event for companies and individuals in the truck and its related industries to interact with and showcase their product. The thousands of truck enthusiasts that flock to ETRC events are treated not only to four flat-out championship races, but also get fantastic access to the teams and drivers and plenty of off-track entertainment too.

The eligible vehicles are series production two-axle road tractor units weighing at least 5300kg. The size and weights of the vehicles means speeds are limited to 160kph, with engines limited to a maximum cubic capacity of 13000cm3.