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Entry Procedure

Competitors and Drivers register their entry directly with the Organiser on each of the FIA European Hill Climb Championship Competitions.

Applications to take part in the FIA Competition must be submitted to the Organiser by means of the entry form available from the Organiser, or the Organiser’s website.

A single online entry platform will be used for the application of Drivers and Competitors taking part in the FIA Competitions (only). This platform will be used by most of the Organisers.

Drivers and Competitors will be required to create an account and complete an online form. As the data is stored online, the entry procedure (event by event) is simplified.


entry closing date
entry form
St Jean du Gard (FRA)
14-16/04Wed 05.04 (24:00)click here
Rechberg (AUT)
28-30/04Wed 19.04 (24:00)click here
Subida Internacional al Fito (ESP)
05-07/05Wed 26.04 (24:00)TBA
Rampa da Falperra (PRT)
19-21/05Wed 10.05 (24:00)TBA
Ecce Homo Sternberk (CZE)
02-04/06Wed 24.05 (24:00)TBA
Coppa Paolino Teodori (ITA)
16-18/06Wed 07.06 (24:00)TBA
Limanowa (POL)
30/06-02/07Wed 21.06 (24:00)TBA
St. Ursanne - Les Rangiers (CHE)
18-20/08Wed 09.08 (24:00)TBA
GHD Petrol Il. Bistrica (SVN)
01-03/09Wed 23.08 (24:00)TBA
Buzetski dani (HRV)
15-17/09Wed 06.09 (24:00)TBA









Contact Details (Organisers)
For Organisers’ contact details (phone, email, website) – please CLICK HERE:  


Note - Specific procedure for Drivers and Competitors in Category 1

Before registering with the Organiser of a Championship Competition, Competitors and Drivers (Category 1 cars only) must:
- have registered the entered car on the Pf website (www.fiaperformancefactor.com);
- have filled in the Pf Technical Sheet;
- have obtained the two Pf and PF-ID identifiers associated with the entered car.

In 2023, the Pf-ID number is a 8-digit code starting with Y4.XXX.XXXX

Entry Closing Date

The entry closing date is the Wednesday (midnight, CET) of the week preceding each FIA Competition.