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European Autocross Championship


European Autocross Championship

The FIA European Autocross Championship is run on circuits on natural terrain, with any type of unsealed surface, from 800 to 1,400 metres in length.

Autocross races involve a maximum of 10 cars on track simultaneously and consist of a succession of qualifying heats leading to two semi-finals and a final.

Established as an FIA European Cup in 1977, the competition was upgraded to an FIA European Championship in 1982. It now gives pride of place to "buggies", divided according to their level of performance and/or the age of their drivers, in the SuperBuggy, Buggy1600 and JuniorBuggy categories.

Since 2021, a selection of the ten FIA European Autocross Championship events also host rounds of the FIA European Cross Car Championship (7 competitions in 2022) and the FIA Cross Car Academy Trophy (5 competitions in 2022, reserved for drivers aged 13 to 16).

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