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European Autocross Championship


European Autocross Championship

The FIA European Autocross Championship takes place on a flat or ondulating circuit on natural terrain with any kind of unsealed surface (no ditches or water crossings). A sealed starting area may be constructed.

There will be a maximum of 12 events per year.

There will be at least 4 laps in each qualifying Heat, and the total distance must not exceed 7,000m.


The FIA championship is open to vehicles :

- Division SuperBuggy :

Autocross Single-seaters, 4-wheeled vehicles designed and built specifically for participating in Autocross.

- Buggy1600 :

Autocross Single-seaters.The total cylinder capacity of each car must not exceed 1600cc (or 941cc if forced induction).

- TouringAutocross :

Touring cars homologated in Group A or in Supertouring. Cars must be rigidly closed non-convertible models.

- The FIA Cup for JuniorBuggy :

Autocross Single-Seaters. The total cylinder capacity of each car shall not exceed 600cc.