Codasur Rally Championship


Codasur Rally Championship

The CODASUR Rally Championship consists of the following countries: 

  • Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay

 The total distance of the special stages is set at a distance between 140 km and 200 km.

 The following titles are awarded in the Championship:

  • FIA – Codasur Rally Championships for Drivers
  • FIA – Codasur Rally Championships for Co-Drivers


The cars eligible to enter an FIA Codasur regional championship event are:

Classe 2

  • Group S2000-Rally: 2.0 Atmospheric
  • Group R4

Classe 3

  • Group N cars over 2000cc (N4 2010)
  • Maxi Rally

Classe 6

  • Group A cars over 1400cc and up to 1600cc

Classe 8

  • Group N cars over 1600cc and up to 2000cc

Classe 9

  • Group N cars over 1400cc and up to 1600cc

Classe 10

  • Group N cars up to 1400cc

In classes 6, 8, 9 and 10, cars with ADN/Codasur homologations will be admitted in addition to those with FIA homologations.

All the rallies should be scheduled as follows:


  • Reconnaissance
  • Administrative documentation review


  • Reconnaissance
  • Scrutineering
  • Shakedown
  • Ceremonial start and super special stage (optional)


  • Leg 1


  • Leg 2
  • Prize-giving ceremony


For detailed information about this Championship, please refer to the specific Sporting Regulations which can be found here.


Sport competitions

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