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Autonomous Vehicles


Autonomous Vehicles

Intelligent technologies are changing the way we choose cars, plan travels and perceive mobility. They also change the act of driving itself: automated technologies already assist drivers and help to prevent accidents. As vehicle automation is progressively reaching new levels, these technologies are becoming one of the greatest forces transforming modern transportation systems.

Autonomous vehicles also raise a myriad of questions in the eye of consumers: who is responsible in the case of an accident? How do countries adapt their regulatory systems to include these vehicles? What is the role of urban planning in driving the autonomous revolution? Should people trust manufacturers or rely on independent testing?

To present automated technologies and shed light on some of these concerns, the FIA has produced a short animated video covering the question in less than 2 minutes.

A second video called the “Path to a Driverless Future” highlights possible safety benefits of self-driving cars and their impact on future safety regulatory provisions. It also invites viewers to hear voices of the industry and their vision of both opportunities and challenges created by self-driving cars.