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2015 FIA Sport Conference

This 3rd annual FIA Sport Conference will take place from July 8th-10th in Mexico city (Mexico)

The first edition of the FIA Sport Conference was held in Goodwood (UK), in June 2013. This new event, initiated by the FIA President and the Deputy President for Sport and based on the concept developed several years ago by the Mobility branch of the FIA, was a huge success. It enabled more than 74 ASNs and 250 delegates from all over the world to exchange ideas and to work together on common topics and issues, to meet the main protagonists in motor sport as well as FIA senior management and staff members. 
The inaugural programme focused on the way in which the FIA and its affiliated members could better cooperate to create a stronger world motor sport. Its primary objective was thus to enter into a dialogue in order to better understand the needs of everyone and to implement appropriate policies. This first conference was also the occasion to launch the new FIA motor sport development programme. At the core of the road map of President Jean Todt's new mandate, this programme aims to accompany ASNs in their development of motor sport and to reply to key questions such as: how to organise viable top-level events; how to better promote motor sport and attract officials, volunteers, competitors, new audiences; how to detect fresh young talent and encourage young people to participate in motor sport by offering them logical entry routes right up to the highest level of competition, be it in rally or on circuits; how to create new possibilities to take part in motor sport at reasonable costs; how to attract the interest of sponsors and respond to the new expectations of the industry and the sport business; how to succeed together in terms of safety and environmental aspects…and much more… 
The second edition was held in Munich, last year in June 2014. The event saw the launch of a new forum for discussion and exchange: the FIA Sport Motorex, which enabled in one place representatives of the motor sport industry and business to interact with the institutional actors of motor sport - the FIA and its ASNs. More than 109 sporting clubs (ASNs and ACNs) attended with around 400 delegates. 
We will take the opportunity of this first event outside Europe, which will gather both institutional actors, these being the FIA members (ASNs, clubs), and representatives of the motor sport industry, these being organisers, promoters, manufacturers, various suppliers and services providers, to explore other business model of Motor sport as the American model.

 Discover the programme of the 2015 FIA Sport Conference below.

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Frédérique TrouvéFIA Sport Conference Project Manager
Alexandre Gueschir FIA Marketing and Events Director – Geneva
Claire Wardle FIA Head of Events - Geneva
Martin LalandeFIA Events Coordinator – Geneva
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