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Therapeutic Use Exemption - application form:

PDF document/form to fill

Once a year (or more frequently if required), the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) issues a list of substances and methods the use of which is prohibited in and/or out of competition. This list is called the “Prohibited List” (available under Prohibited List).

However, if, for medical reasons, a driver needs to use either a prohibited substance or a prohibited method (which means that no permitted medicine can be used instead), a request for a “Therapeutic Use Exemption” (TUE) can be made to the competent organisation, whilst ensuring that the deadlines in the regulations are respected.

Complete and detailed documentation explaining the clinical reasons for the therapy requiring the use of a prohibited substance or method must be sent together with the TUE request. It should include the patient’s history, test results, how the disease/disorder/injury has been managed over time, and all attempts to use non-prohibited medications and methods.

In addition, the "diagnosis" section, on page 2 of the TUE application form, must be completed carefully.


Who should fill in the TUE application form?

Your doctor, who must review the medical requirements for the TUE so that he or she can provide all of the relevant information.


When should the TUE application form be submitted?

  • as soon as the need arises;
  • for substances/methods prohibited in competition: no later than 30 days before the beginning of the season or the next competition;
  • immediately for emergency treatment or if treatment of an acute medical condition is  necessary.

Important: except in specific cases (see Article 4.3 of the International Standard for TUEs), a TUE must be obtained prior to using the substance or method concerned.


To whom should the application be submitted to?

If you are planning to participate in a national competition: to your National Anti-Doping Organisation.

If you are planning to participate in an international competition: to the FIA (

BUT if you are planning to participate in an international competition and you already hold a currently valid TUE granted at the national level, you do not need to fill in a new TUE application form. Instead, you should proceed as follows:

TUE recognition process (2015 new rules)

If you already hold a currently valid TUE granted at the national level and you plan to participate in an international competition, you must transmit the following documents to the FIA ( no later than 30 days before the beginning of the international competition concerned:

  • a copy of the TUE granted at the national level;
  • a copy of the original TUE application form;
  • the relevant supporting material used by the National Anti-Doping Organisation for issuing the national TUE;
  • an English or French version of the dossier.


For more information, please check under FIA Anti-Doping Regulations Article 4.5 of Appendix A to the International Sporting Code and the WADA International Standard for Therapeutic Use Exemptions.