Report Doping

In order to safeguard the integrity and reputation of motor sport and automobile mobility worldwide, the FIA has implemented the FIA Ethics and Compliance Hotline.

The hotline reflects the FIA zero tolerance approach towards misconduct. Anyone can use it for raising legitimate, reliable and documented concerns of misconduct, notably regarding:

  1. Alleged violations of the FIA ethical principles
  2. Alleged issues related to sport integrity and/or manipulation of competitions
  3. Alleged violations of the FIA Anti-Doping Regulations
  4. Alleged violations of the FIA Formula One Financial Regulations

Your reports will be properly assessed. Please note that full confidentiality will be guaranteed throughout the entire process.

Our platform is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

If you want to submit your report or simply raise a query, please go to the FIA Ethics and Compliance Hotline