World Motor Sport Council - Friday 11 April, Marrakech

The following decisions were taken:


FIA President Jean Todt gave an update on the Formula One Championship.

1. F1 Cost Reduction
The FIA, the Commercial Rights Holder (CRH), and all the F1 Teams have recently confirmed their commitment to work on cost reduction. Accordingly, the FIA President Jean Todt and the CRH Bernie Ecclestone will organise a meeting with all the F1 Teams on 1 May 2014, followed by a F1 Strategy Group meeting, to clarify the means to achieve a substantial F1 Team cost reduction.

2. Power units
As already announced, a study on engine noise is under way with preliminary results expected shortly.

3. New team selection process
Lastly, the FIA has launched a selection procedure for an additional F1 team(s), and applications of a high standard have been received. In close consultation with the CRH, the FIA has accepted the candidature of Haas Formula LLC and are in the process of conducting further investigations for Forza Rossa.


A number of amendments have been made to the regulations, with immediate effect:

- The number of passages in the Shakedown for P1 and P2 drivers is changed to a minimum of two runs.
- To simplify the regulations, a five-minute time penalty will be applied for any super special stage missed, instead of 10 minutes.
- Cars running under Rally 2 regulations will be reseeded ahead of P1 and P2 drivers to avoid them gaining an advantageous road position.
- Rally 2 cars will be permitted to score points in the Power Stage.
- Manufacturers are permitted to include the testing of their 2015 WRC car in their current test sessions without being penalised by the number of days allowed in the 2014 regulations.


In the case of a dead heat, the winner of a Leg shall be determined in the same manner as that applied for defining the winner of a rally.


The Sporting Regulations for the Formula E Championship were presented for consideration (see annex for summary of regulations).

2014/15 Formula E Championship Calendar

The event scheduled for Rio de Janeiro (BRA) on 15 November 2014 is cancelled, and replaced with an event to be announced for the date of 14 February 2015. The event in Los Angeles (USA) will be held on 4 April 2015.

As a result of the above-mentioned changes, the final calendar for 2014/15 of the FIA Formula E Championship will be:

Date Venue Country
13 September 2014       Beijing CHN
18 October 2014 Putrajaya MLY
13 December 2014 Punta del Este      URY
10 January 2015 Buenos Aires ARG
14 February 2015 TBA TBA
14 March 2015 Miami USA
4 April 2015 Los Angeles USA
9 May 2015 Monaco MCO
30 May 2015 Berlin DEU
27 June 2015 London GBR

Formula E Championship Teams

The FIA has validated the following entry list:

- Andretti Autosport Formula E Team (USA)
- Audi Sport ABT Formula E Team (DEU)
- China Racing Formula E Team (CHN)
- Dragon Racing Formula E Team (USA)
- Drayson Racing Formula E Team (GBR)
- E.dams Formula E Team (FRA)
- Mahindra Racing Formula E Team (IND)
- Super Aguri Formula E Team (JAP)
- Venturi Grand Prix Formula E Team (MCO)
- Virgin Racing Formula E Team (GBR)

A timetable for a Formula E Championship ‘Call for Expressions of Interest’ from new manufacturers was set out. The launch of the procedure is to take place on 1 September 2014, and a deadline for the submission of applications has been set for 31 October 2014.


Guidelines, rules and a process for the distribution of grants to ASNs for the development of motor sport worldwide were established at meetings of the FIA Funding Review Commission for Sport held on 5 March and 10 April 2014.

The commission will be responsible for selecting membership applications which will open in September of this year, with a final decision on 2015 projects to be taken by the FIA Senate in late 2014.


The inaugural session of the ASN Development Task Force at a regional meeting was held as part of the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) meeting, hosted by QMMF on 27-28 March 2014.

The ASN manual providing a guide for the development of ASNs and grassroots motor sport worldwide has been released in three languages with further languages to be issued (e.g. Arabic). Items under discussion include support for grassroots competitions.


A method and timeframe for action has been agreed for both the period 2014-2015 and up to 2016 with the goal of:
• carrying out an audit on the level of activity of each of the Regions and Zones recognised by the FIA;
• harmonising the status of the Regions and Zones and clarify their relations with the FIA and its specialised commissions.


The FIA Sport Conference will be held in Munich on 24-26 June 2014 in association with DMSB and ADAC, under the theme of ‘Growing our sport: ASNs and industry in partnership’. The next World Motor Sport Council will also be held in Munich on 26 June 2014.


Changes were made to the starting grid positions with drivers no longer free to choose their starting position. Pole position must be on the side determined at the time of the homologation of the track. This change has been introduced to facilitate visualisation of the grid when broadcasting live. For the FIA World and European Rallycross Championships, new rules were set in the case of exceptions.


For the FIA Hill Climb Masters, given the specificities of the British Hill Climb Championship, the selection of British drivers for the Masters will exceptionally be carried out according to criteria in line with the sporting regulations of the British Championship.


Changes to the 2014 World Endurance Championship Sporting Regulations were approved, including a proposal on the ‘Full Course Yellow’ (FCY) which was agreed for cases when the track needs to be neutralised without having to resort to the Safety Car. Once under FCY, cars will slow down to 80 kph, line up, and maintain their distance to the car in front and the car behind.


The FIA has granted the status of FIA Intercontinental Cup to the F3 Macau GP.  The FIA is working to support the local organiser on the sporting, technical and media side, and to help increase the impact of the event.

The Italian ASN will launch the first FIA Formula 4 Championship with seven events to take place in 2014.

Date Venue Country
08 June 2014       Adria ITA
29 June 2014 Imola ITA
13 July 2014 Mugello      ITA
03 August 2014 Magione ITA
14 September 2014   Vallelunga ITA
28 September 2014 Monza ITA
19 October 2014 Barcelona ESP


Rules governing the medical services to be provided at the FIA World Rallycross Championship were approved, including transitional measures and the required presence of an FIA Medical Delegate.


The FIA Women in Motorsport Commission announced the renewal of its partnership with the CIK-FIA. Following a call for candidatures inviting ASNs to put forward a young female talent aged from 13 to 15 to be granted a kart out of the 51 allocated for 2014 in this year’s edition of the CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy, the place has been awarded to a young Spanish driver, Ms Marta Garcia (ESP).


Clarifications and amendments were put forward to the regulations in force in 2013. These concerned minimum pit stop times, use of data acquisition systems, limiting the use of on-board cameras, use of reserve cars, authorised fuel, and rules governing tyre use e.g. limiting to four the number of slicks per driver and per competition.


The Drivers’ Commission, with the support of its Chairman, Emerson Fittipaldi, has prioritised further visibility for the FIA anti-doping campaign, increased promotion of the work by volunteers and officials, and the further strengthening of karting as an effective entry point into other motor sport categories.


The race scheduled for Istanbul on 4 May 2014 is cancelled.


In order to increase safety in Karting, the World Motor Sport Council gave a strong mandate to the CIK Commission to consider the imposition of stricter penalties for dangerous infractions in the sport.


Delegates received an activity report outlining proposed steps to increase safety at WRC, ERC, National and Regional Championship, Hill Climb and Cross Country events.


Summary of Formula E Championship Regulations

• Two titles of Formula E Champion, one for drivers and one for teams.
• Drivers using International Licence Class B + a specific FIA E Licence issued after completing a seminar about the safety aspects on racing in electric vehicles.
• Maximum number of events 12, and minimum 6.
• Points for both titles will be awarded at each Event according to the following scale:

1st: 25 points                      6th: 8 points
2nd: 18 points 7th: 6 points
3rd: 15 points 8th: 4 points
4th: 12 points 9th: 2 points
5th: 10 points 10th: 1 point

Pole position: 3 points
Fastest lap: 2 points

• Only 10 teams will be admitted to the Championship.
• Each driver will use two cars. Colours of race numbers will be imposed and different between the two cars available for each driver.
• Testing with Formula E cars is not permitted for drivers and competitors participating in the championship, with the exception of official tests organised by the promoter.
• Tyres will be limited to five (5) new front tyres and five (5) new rear tyres per event.
• Each team must have a maximum of 12 operational staff working on the cars.
• Each driver shall use no more than one motor, on gearbox and one battery pack per car for the entire season.
• To charge the cars, only energy supplied by the supplier designated by the event organiser and approved by the FIA shall be used during the event.
• Special attention has been paid to all safety requirements and prevention systems.
• Single Free Practice session of 60 minutes. Single Qualifying Practice of 90 minutes divided into four (4) groups of five (5) cars each.
• The grid will be in a staggered 1 x 1 formation and the rows on the grid will be separated by 8 metres with the Pole Position in the place designated by the FIA Circuits Department.
• No formation lap.
• Race of maximum 60 minutes with minimum one Pit Stop for changing cars. This change of cars will take place inside the garage after a safety procedure similar to the one applied in the FIA World Endurance Championship for repairing cars.
• Safety Car procedure following the FIA standards.