Webber: Red Bull deal 'straightforward'

Australian star excited by prospect of another season with Red Bull Racing.

Mark Webber says the contract talks that led to an extension of his deal with Red Bull Racing for 2013 were a simple case of “stay or move on”.

The winner of this year’s Monaco and British GPs had been in talks with Ferrari but in the end opted for a seventh season with Red Bull Racing, despite telling reporters in Silverstone that the decision would not be made in a hurry. The announcement though came just two days after the British race. 
“Well, I'm not going to tell you guys I'm going to do it in two days, am I?” he said of the obfuscation. “Obviously, we get ready to announce things when we're ready, and there comes a date when 'let's announce it', OK, done. For me to keep the situation calm, the tactic worked OK. 
“We have to deal with this stuff in lots of different situations, on many different aspects of our stuff out of the car, and this was just one of them in contractual sense. Pretty straightforward really: stay at Red Bull, move on.”
Webber added that the prospect of another campaign with Red Bull is an exciting one, especially based on the prospect of carrying the competitiveness of this season through to 2013. 
“It’s been a long relationship and yeah we're going to be working together again next year, which is very exciting, to continue the challenge to stay at the front,” he said. “This year’s obviously going pretty well and there’s a big reason to keep the focus on for that as well but the continuation of that moving on to next year is also helpful.”