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"Training the Trainers" at Le Mans


FIA hosted a training event for Chief Medical Officers to help increase standards worldwide


The FIA has hosted an event at the Le Mans racing circuit to train leading Chief Medical Officers (CMOs) to become trainers in their own regions.

Seven experts were invited to the training session, with representatives from Turkey, Hungary, Mexico, Canada, Singapore, Bahrain and Brazil.

The training was conducted by FIA Medical Delegates and Medical Affairs staff, with additional presentations made by some of the participants. They were invited to the seminar to become FIA trainers of future CMOs and Deputy CMOs in their regions. 

“This training is a significant step forward in increasing the quality and professionalism of the medical cover of the FIA World Championships,” said Professor Gérard Saillant, FIA Medical Commission President. “The aim is to accredit one CMO from each region who will then be entitled to train all of the new CMOs to the highest standards.”

To help with this, the FIA is developing a toolkit to aid training of future medical representatives at motor sport events across the world.

The Le Mans training event, which took place on Friday 26 January, was followed by a two day extrication seminar hosted by the Fédération Française du Sport Automobile (FFSA) and led by extrication expert Dr. Jean-Jacques Issermann.

Such a gathering wouldn't have been possible without the active cooperation of the ACO.

In all, 20 extrication teams were trained from countries across Europe and each team gained practical experience on a number of race cars, including four fitted with the new Halo head protection device.