Supporting development

FIA President Jean Todt closed FIA Sport Conference 2016 by afirming the Federation’s support for the development of motor sport worldwide

FIA President Jean Todt yesterday brought the fourth edition of FIA Sport Conference to a close in Turin by targeting continued development of motor sport at every level.

After thanking host club the Automobile Club d’Italia, its President Angelo Sticchi Damiani and the event’s partners for the quality of the event, the organisation of which he likened to the high-level gatherings he attends in his capacity as a campaigner for road safety, President Todt went on to outline how the FIA aims to progress the development of motor sport.

He rstly pointed to support for training through annual platforms at both international level, through FIA Sport Conference, and at regional level, through the Sport Regional Congresses adding his commitment to attend the regional events in order to understand clubs’ expectations and concerns.

Speaking about grassroots engagement, President Todt pointed to the FIA’s development of new forms of affordable, accessible motor sport.

“We seek to provide ASNs with high- performance tools to guide them to set up and develop new motor sport disciplines, such as Slalom Karting and Drifting,” he said.

“We place greater emphasis on building these disciplines and all others starting with the grassroots level,” he added. “That will always be the basis for a healthy and growing sport. This is the path we followed with single-seater disciplines and that we want to replicate elsewhere.”

He then pointed to the FIA’s Sport Grant Programme as evidence of a successful development tool, explaining that 84 clubs have bene ted from 4.85 million euros in funding. He also pointed to the success of clubs in promoting road safety activity.

“Grants have also helped your clubs to promote road safety-related campaigns. As you know I am not only President of the FIA but also act as the UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Road Safety and these initiatives are particularly dear to my heart. Your work in this area serves a noble purpose - saving lives."

In respect of the FIA’s grant programmes, he added that by ensuring robust management, impartiality in the allocation of funds and the FIA’s ability to encourage innovative projects, the growth of motor sport worldwide would be aided. 

"This is our shared goal: on the national level, for you, the representatives of ASNs; on the regional level, for the Vice Presidents, and on the international level, for the FIA, over which you have given me the honour of presiding."

The FIA President concluded by praising the “tremendous quality” of the speakers presents, including many FIA world champions.