Star-studded field set for Sweden

The FIA European Rallycross Championship has attracted a high quality, 36-car field of Supercars for the Round 6, Rallycross of Sweden at Holjes next weekend (July 5-7).

Former champions from World Rally, European Rallycross, DTM and STCC will all be on show to win in Sweden in front of what's expected to be the largest crowd of the season so far.
The entry is led by defending champion and 2013 points leader Timur Timerzyanov, but the Russian star and his regular rivals in the nine-event championship face the toughest challenge so far this year with an entry swelled by a number of high profile wildcard racers.

Also lining up to make their first starts in the championship are Johan Kristoffersson (the 2012 Superstars, STCC and Porsche Carrera Cup Scandinavia champion), Pontus Tidemand, Patrik Sandell and Mikael Thiman.
Also notable in the entry list is former TouringCar champion Tommy Rustad who returns for another event after playing a starring role in the Norwegian round of the championship three weeks ago.
Perhaps the fastest driver in the championship to date, but so far without a win to his credit, a steering joint failure costing him a certain victory in Finland at the beginning of June, former world rally champion Petter Solberg is more determined than ever to win this time out, Holjes the 'home' event for the Norwegian driver whose team is based in the nearby Swedish town of Torsby.
The strength and quality of the entry does not stop with the biggest Supercar field to date, TouringCar and Super1600 have attracted 19 and 23 starters respectively and the fledgling JRX series for 14-17-year-old racers will have five drivers on the grid.

The entry list for the 2013 FIA European Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy, Round 6, Volkswagen Rallycross of Sweden has been confirmed.
Comprising 37 Supercars, 25 TouringCars and 23 Super1600s, the event in Holjes, Sweden will see more drivers attend than any other RallycrossRX event this year.
Included in the Supercar catagory is double DTM champion Mattias Ekstrom as well as STCC champion Johan Kristoffersson, Pontus Tideman, Patrick Sandell and Mikael Thiman.

 1  Timur TIMERZYANOV  RUS  Namus Hansen Motosport  Citroen DS3
3  Daniel HOLTEN  NOR  Daniel Holten  Volvo C30
4  Ronny SCHEVENEELS  BEL  Oud-Turnhout Rally Team  Peugeot 207 WRC
5  Stig-Olov WALFRIDSON  SWE  Helmia Motorsport  Renault Clio III
6  Davy JEANNEY  FRA  Davy Jeanney  Citroen C4
7  Knut Ove BORSETH  NOR  Knut Ove Borseth  Ford Focus Mk2
8  Peter HEDSTRÖM  SWE  Peter Hedström  Skoda Fabia Mk2
9  Michael DE KEERSMAECKER  BEL  De Bokkenrijders  Peugeot 208
10  Jussi-Petteri LEPPIHALME  FIN  Pekka Leppihalme  Ford Focus Mk2
11  Petter SOLBERG  NOR  PS 110% AB  Citroen DS3
14  Morten BERMINGRUD  NOR  Morten Bermingrud  Citroen C4
18  Patrick SANDELL  SWE  Olsbergs MSE AB  Ford Fiesta
21  Timmy HANSEN  SWE  Citroen Hansen Motorsport  Citroen DS3
22  Mats LYSEN  NOR  Mats Lysen  Renault Clio
25  Alexander HVAAL  NOR  Citroen Hansen Motorsport  Citroen DS3
26  Andy SCOTT  GBR  Albatec Racing Ltd  Peugeot 208
33  Liam DORAN  GBR  Liam Doran  Citroen DS3
44  Valdur REINSALU  EST  Reinsalu Sport  Ford Fiesta
45  Andri ÕUN  EST  Reinsalu Sport  Ford Fiesta
47  Silvo VIITANEN  FIN  Silvo Viitanen  Ford Fiesta
49  Mats ÖHMAN  SWE  Mats Öhman  Volvo S40
50  Atro MÄÄTTÄ  FIN  Atro Määttä  Ford Focus
53  Toni LUKANDER  FIN  Eklund Motorsport  Saab 93
54  Jos JANSEN  BEL  Jos Jansen  Ford Focus Mk3
55  Stein Egil JENSSEN  NOR  Stein Egil Jenssen  Ford Focus
59  Tore KRISTOFFERSEN  NOR  Tore Kristoffersen  Ford Fiesta
60  Tommy RUSTAD  NOR  Tommy Rustad Volvo C30
61  Johan KRISTOFFERSSON  SWE  Kristoffersson Motorsport  VW Scirocco
62  Pontus TIDEMAND  SWE  Kristoffersson Motorsport  VW Scirocco
63  Mikael THIMAN  SWE  Olsbergs MSE AB  Ford Fiesta
64  Henning NYBERG  NOR  Henning Nyberg  Renault Clio
65  Dennis RØMER  DNK  Team Rømer  Seat Cordoba WRC
66  Andreas BAKKERUD  NOR  Bakkerud Motorsport  Citroen DS3
67  Frank VALLE NOR  Frank Valle  Ford Fiesta
68  Mattias EKSTRÖM  SWE  Mattias Ekström  VW Polo T16
88  Henning SOLBERG  NOR  Henning Solberg Motorsport  Saab 93
92  Anton MARKLUND  SWE  Anton Marklund  VW Polo T16
2  David NORDGAARD  NOR  David Nordgaard  Ford Focus RS
3  Anders BRATEN  NOR  Anders Braten  Ford Fiesta
4  Robin LARSSON  SWE  Robin Larsson  Skoda Fabia
5  Koen PAUWELS  BEL  Koen Pauwels  Ford Fiesta
6  Daniel LUNDH  SWE  Daniel Lundh  Volvo C30
7  Roman CASTORAL  CZE  Czech National Team  Opel Astra
10  Lars ROSENDAHL  SWE  RMM Byggplat  Ford Fiesta
11  Derek TOHILL  IRL  Derek Tohill  Ford Fiesta
31  György FODOR  HUN  M-F Motorsport  Peugeot 206
42  Roger ENLUND  SWE  Roger Enlund  Ford Fiesta
51  Ole HABJORG  NOR  Ole Habjorg  Opel Corsa
52  Jan GABRIELSEN  NOR  Jan Gabrielsen  Mazda RX-8
53  Cato ERGA  NOR  Cato Erga  Volvo C30
54  Christian SANDMO  NOR  Christian Sandmo  Citroen Xsara
55  Lars Øyvind ENERBERG  NOR  Lars Øyvind Enerberg  Ford Fiesta
56  Ernst H. Holten LEIFSEN  NOR  Ernst H. Holten Leifsen  Citroen DS3
60  Jakob TEIL HANSEN  DNK  Jakob Teil Hansen  Ford Fiesta
61  Janne SINKKONEN *  FIN  Janne Sinkkonen *  Ford Fiesta
62  Jari JÄRVENPÄÄ  FIN  Jari Järvenpää  BMW RX120i
63  Age R. HANSEN  NOR  Age R. Hansen  Ford Fiesta
64  Tom Daniel TÅNEVIK *  NOR  Tom Daniel Tånevik *  Mazda RX-8
65  Ben-Philip GUNDERSEN  NOR  Ben-Philip Gundersen  Ford Fiesta
66  Thorbjørn ULLA *  NOR  Thorbjørn Ulla *  Citröen C4
67  Kevin TAYLOR  NOR  Kevin Taylor  Opel Astra
73  Torleif LONA  NOR  Torleif Lona  Ford Fiesta
2  Ulrik LINNEMANN  DNK  Ulrik Linnemann  Peugeot 207
4  Ildar RAKHMATULLIN  RUS  Set Promotion  Renault Twingo
5  Ondrej SMETANA  CZE  L.S Racing SRO  Ford Fiesta
6  Vadim MAKAROV  RUS  Vadim Makarov  Skoda Fabia RS
10  Janno LIGUR  EST  Ligur Racing  Skoda Fabia
15  Reinis NITISS  LVA  Set Promotion  Renault Clio
16  Sergej ZAGUMENNOV  RUS  Sergej Zagumennov  Skoda Fabia RS
21  Eric FAREN  SWE  Citröen Hansen Motorsport  Citröen C2
22  Andreas STEFFEN  DEU  ACN-Buxtehude  Renault Clio
37  René MÜNNICH  DEU  René Münnich  Skoda Fabia
38  Mandie AUGUST  DEU  Mandie August  Skoda Fabia
39  Kevin ERIKSSON  SWE  Set Promotion  Renault Clio
41  Siim SALURI  EST  RS Racing Team  Citroën C2
46  Rasul MINNIKHANOV  RUS  STK Namus  Renault Twingo
51  Robert AAMODT  NOR  Robert Aamodt  Ford Fiesta
52  Malin GJERSTAD  NOR  Malin Gjerstad  Opel Corsa
60  Sandra HULTGREN  SWE  Sandra Hultgren  Skoda Fabia
61  Simon OLOFSSON  SWE  Simon Olofsson  Skoda Fabia
62  Mattias ANDERSSON  SWE  Mattias Andersson  Renault Clio
63  Christoffer LIA  NOR  Christoffer Lia  Opel Corsa
64  Lina Marie HOLT  NOR  Lina Marie Holt  Citröen C2
65  Jan PETERSEN  DNK  Jan Petersen *  Citröen C2
89  Timur SHIGABOUTDINOV  RUS  Set Promotion  Renault Twingo