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Red Bull avoid sanction

After deliberation on Sunday morning, stewards at Hockenehim have decided to allow Red Bull Racing to compete without sanction in the German Grand Prix.

Having discovered torque output irregularities in car numbers 01 (Sebastian Vettel) and 02 (Mark Webber), FIA Formula 1 Technical Delegate Jo Bauer referred the matter to the stewards. Bauer’s report said: 
“Having examined the engine base torque map of car numbers 01 and 02 it became apparent that the maximum torque output of both engines is significantly less in the mid rpm range than previously seen at other Events.
In my opinion this is therefore in breach of article 5.5.3 of the 2012 Formula 1 technical regulations as the engines are able to deliver more torque at a given engine speed in the mid rpm range.
“Furthermore this new torque map will artificially alter the aerodynamic characteristics of both cars which is also in contravention of TD 036-11. I am referring this matter to the stewards.”
Three hours after Bauer’s report was released the FIA Stewards of the Meeting announced no further action would be taken. Their statement read:
“The stewards received a report from the FIA Technical Delegate, along with specific ECU data from Red Bull Racing Cars 1 and 2. The Stewards met with the team representatives and the representative of the engine supplier Renault.
“While the stewards do not accept all the arguments of the team, they however conclude that as the regulation is written, the map presented does not breach the text of Art. 5.5.3 of the Formula One Technical Regulations and therefore decided to take no action.”