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New weekend format for FIA Formula 2 announced


The FIA Formula 2 Championship is pleased to announce the new weekend format and changes to the sporting regulations for 2021, which have been approved by the World Motor Sport Council. This follows an earlier announcement in which the cost cutting measures that included Formula 2 racing on separate weekends from Formula 3 were presented. 

As previously announced, from 2021, each F2 event will comprise three races instead of two which means that the weekend format had to be revised. 

Weekend format

There will be no changes to the Friday sessions, with one Free Practice session of 45 minutes and one Qualifying session of 30 minutes. 

Two sprint races will take place on Saturday and will both consist of 120 kilometres or 45 minutes, whichever comes first *. 

The Feature Race will now take place on Sunday morning ahead of the Formula 1 Grand Prix. It will be still be one hour long or 170 kilometres * (whichever comes first) and will keep a compulsory pitstop, in which all four tyres must be changed. Unless the driver has used wet-weather tyres during the Feature Race, they must use at least one set of each specification of dry-weather tyres during the Feature Race. 

A timetable will be issued ahead of every round to determine timings of each session. 
* Race distance for Monaco and Sochi will be defined closer to the events.

Starting grids 

With three races and only one Qualifying session taking place per event, the results of the Friday’s final classification of the Qualifying session will determine the starting grid for the Sunday Feature Race. 
The starting grid of Saturday’s Sprint Race 1 will be determined by reversing the top 10 finishers of Friday’s Qualifying session results.

Lastly, the starting grid of Saturday’s Sprint Race 2 will be determined by reversing the top 10 finishers of Sprint Race 1. 

Points attribution 

The driver who takes pole position following the final classification of Friday’s Qualifying session will be awarded with 4 points, as is already the case. 

Sprint Race 1 and Sprint Race 2’s Top 8 finishers will be awarded points (15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1) while the Top 10 finishers of the Feature Race will score (25, 18, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1). 

2 points will be awarded to the driver who sets the fastest lap in each race. Any driver who is not classified in the top ten positions at the end of the race will not be eligible for points awarded for fastest lap. 
The maximum of points that a driver can score over a race weekend has been increased from 48 to 65. 


Tyre allocation 

The new sporting regulations state that each driver will be now allocated six sets of dry-weather tyres per weekend instead of five. They will have four “prime” specification sets (one more than currently) and two of the “option” specification. Each driver will also be provided with three sets of wet-weather tyres. 

FIA Formula 2 CEO Bruno Michel commented: “I am pleased to reveal the changes to our sporting regulations which have been approved by the World Motor Sport Council. “It’s fantastic to be able to move the Feature Race to Sunday which is the day of the Formula 1 Grand Prix. It will enhance the show for the fans and will make it even more special. 
“Having two reverse grids on Saturday will spice up the championship even further. We have seen already how entertaining these races are. It should also allow more drivers to showcase their skills in front of the Formula 1 paddock and the rest of the world.”