A new era of global competition: Affordable Cross Car vehicle unveiled in Bologna


As part of the commitment to doubling motor sport participation worldwide, the prototype of a new Affordable Cross Car vehicle was revealed today at the ASN Forum. It is designed to bring motor sport to the masses in all the regions of the world.

The Affordable Cross Car project designed to spearhead the FIA’s mission to double motor sport participation worldwide was revealed in Bologna, Italy, as part of the ASN Forum of this year’s FIA Annual General Assembly. This project will be conducted by a newly created, independent entity, called The Global Motorsport Development Company (GMDC). The purpose of this entity is to provide services to ASNs and enable them to develop motor sport activities and disciplines within specific projects.

The new Cross Car vehicle aims to significantly reduce the cost of entry by providing a full suite of standardised technical drawings for use by ASNs to build low-cost, easily maintained cars for entry level and grassroots competition. The ability to build cars in local markets will eradicate the excessive cost of importing cars from overseas.

The designs encompass all aspects of vehicle construction, including schematics for a full chassis, suspension, wheel hubs, fuel tank container as well as a component list that includes a safety package. Crucially the project will also provide drawing for the design of tooling to build the cars. Engines are intended to be defined and locally sourced by ASNs. 

Launching the new GMDC entity and the new project at the ASN Forum of the 2022 FIA Annual General Assembly week, FIA Deputy Vice President for Sport Robert Reid said: “In order to reach the goal of doubling motor sport participation there is a clear need to focus on affordable, accessible motor sport solutions and the Affordable Cross Car project run by GMDC is just that.”

First launched in 2018, the Cross Car category currently features senior and junior categories that will now form the top two levels of a new pyramid of competition within the discipline. The Affordable Cross Car project creates two new classes below the top tiers. At level 1, the entry level for young drivers, the project has a target price of just USD 5,000 for 12bhp cars aimed at 6-11 years of age. At the second intermediate level, which is aimed at incentive drives and beginner competitions, power is increased to 40bhp with the projected cost in the region of USD 10,000. Finally, at the existing Junior and Senior levels, where power rises to 75bhp and 130 bhp respectively, the approximate cost is between USD 20-27,000.  These levels are very much competition-oriented with drivers compete in series such as the European Cross Car Championship.

The GMDC the company soon launch two ‘Requests for Proposals’ to select companies to produce the technical drawings for Level 1 & Level 2 Cross Cars with distribution of drawings and assembly guidelines targeted at June 2023.